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Films are much more than a form of entertainment. They evoke emotions. Films take us to other places and show us cultural aspects such as language, lifestyle, traditions, music, food, etc. They are therefore a never ending source of didactic material. 


The aim of this project is to broaden students’ minds just as real travelling does, to improve students’ English skills via a media they like: films. The 156 students’ mobilities will allow them to experience the enriching effect of travelling and getting to know other students´ country and culture. 


A set of feature films, each one shot in a different European country participating in the project, is the starting point and the material to be exploited from different curriculum areas. Students will also explore film making working together with other European partners during their personal encounters and will show and share their own vision of other teenagers´ lifestyle with the rest of European partners and with their own educational community.


Students will design a passport which will be used as a self-evaluation tool (similar to the European Language Passport) where students will reflect on everything they have learnt. They will design and exchange postcards. Students will create an audio guide of their own town for the visiting partners. All the films made by the students during student visits, will be assembled in one film showing how it feels to be a European teenager.


We expect students to expand their horizons. The project will give new meaning to foreign language learning, film didactics and will improve the involved teachers’ professional competences. Such a varied partnership will allow us to establish emotional ties and future collaborations which will result in the internationalization of our institutions.


Students love films. They are the audience of a story but also of a cultural product. Films are a great source of language input especially of a foreign language as well as a window to a wide range of cultural manifestations. Travelling through films offers the possibility of combining pleasure with becoming wiser about the reality which surrounds us in the same way as travelling broadens the traveller´s mind, breaking, most of the times, stereotypes and old prejudices which spread from ignorance.


Each of us is a member of this big family called Europe. All of us feel proud of our own cultural heritage. However, as Europe is gradually becoming more and more multicultural, our partnership within this multicultural European project is bound to help all its participants perceive themselves as citizens of Europe who share European values and contribute to the development of mutual understanding and cooperation. We firmly believe that the project will bring a stronger awareness of being citizens of Europe. Pupils, teachers and parents involved will become aware of culture in other countries of Europe. The project is therefore a perfect way for all of us to grow up as European citizens. The choice of the English language to exchange information, ideas and, in general, to cooperate, gives us all the chance to communicate in a common language and as a result improve our linguistic skills of English as a foreign language. 


The eleven partners of this project appreciate the fact that teenagers from different social groups will have a chance to get motivated to cooperate, do things together, and make new friends. We also see it as an opportunity to integrate European teenagers into one friendly community free of prejudices or intolerance. 


Making films together will provide them with the perfect atmosphere to work collaboratively as well as the perfect means to express themselves so that their point of view is appreciated by the rest of partners. Film making will also help students develop their creativity by means of designing several materials connected to the topic of travelling and films while learning how to convey a message through an audivisual format.

Project Objectives and Strategy

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:


 To improve student's communication skills in English using it to exchange  and share experiences among all European partners.

 To improve student's knowledge of geography and cultural understanding of other European countries so that they will appraise their travelling experiences as an enriching background. 

 To know how to read a map and to be able to use it in order to move around when travelling. 

 To gain media and film literacy.

 To foster artistic creativity. 

 To improve students’ competency in the use of ICT especially those used to improve the teaching-learning process.

 To establish a cross-curricular approach to the learning process. 


The activities designed to achieve these objectives have a deductive and interactive base which means students are encouraged to investigate, find out and share the required information with their classmates and with students in other European countries. The activities are also eminently practical which means students have to apply the acquired knowledge in order to produce something artistic, beautiful but also meaningful.

The project focuses on interaction among students while making a film about travelling experiences which are a learning experience per se. 

European Added Value

We are going to travel through films and our destinations are in Europe. Our objective is to learn about our neighboring countries and achieve an intercultural understanding which otherwise would not be possible. Then, why not do it being directly in contact with people from those countries? Eleven countries interested in getting this project off the ground support its implementation in a European dimension.

Our project “Films that move us: Travelling through films” will give teenagers of eleven different nationalities a chance to know and compare different traditions and lifestyles. Besides that, participating teachers, students and parents will gain a better understanding of other European cultures and that will result in becoming better European citizens. 

This cooperation will encourage the participants to travel and meet their newly acquainted friends beyond the virtual world. Our aim is to bring enthusiasm into the classes by collaborating with our European partners through all the ICT means and tools on the Internet and also through the personal contacts during the mobilities.


The project focuses on empowering students for intercultural understanding, tolerance participation and cooperation.


From a European perspective the project aims to achieve the following objectives:


 To improve the quality of teaching, making it more attractive to students and teachers. 

 To get to know about other European education systems and the way they focus on the subjects implied in the project. 

 To experience and share teenage life in a foreign country.

 To share and compare different methodologies, especially those related to the teaching of foreign languages.

 To create the necessary working tools in a modern teaching environment. 

 To renew enthusiasm and the teachers´ professional improvement. 


Project based learning has proved to be both more attractive and more effective for students because they realize that kowledge is not kept in different compartments or curricular areas. We want to offer our students the chance to work and learn in a different way so that they become motivated through a set of engaging activities. 

Working together with students from other European Countries and sharing the products created by them are already key factors to increase our students´ motivation.

Students´ interaction will help increase their linguistic and intercultural competences as well as strengthen democratic behaviours such as tolerance and participation.


From the teachers´point of view  participating in the project, working with other European colleagues is percieved not only as an excellent opportunity to contribute their experience but also as a perfect way to learn from others and therefore improve professionally. Visiting the schools and getting to know all the teachers involved in the project is also viewed as an enriching experience.


Such a cultural and educational partnership in which 156 students will be given the chance to live the joy of learning through an experience of a lifetime is expected to have a crucial and positive impact on their perception of Europe and their participation in it as European citizens. We also expect this partnership to have a positive and encouraging effect towards the learning and use of a foreign language.


Our schools are willing to contact and inform parents, neighbours, the local and regional media in order to let them know about the project and all the activities carried out. Local and regional newspapers as well as local radio stations will be periodically informed of the evolution of the project. 


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